The Faculty of Farmacy of Ovidius University of Constanţa proposes two study programs: Pharmacy and Pharmacy Assistants, and the rapid insertion of a high percentage of graduates into the labor market stands as proof to the high effectiveness of these programs.

The Faculty’s mission is to train specialists with higher education degrees in the field of Health, on par with the current requirements and needs of the labor market, in accordance with the Romanian Classification of Professions.

During the Opening Ceremony of the academic year 2018-2019, the official inauguration of the Faculty’s new building took place (University Campus, Building C).

This modern building houses the Dean’s Office, the Board Room, and the Faculty’s Secretary Office, as well as the students’, residents’, and PhD students’ didactic and research activities, in eleven didactic laboratories and three research laboratories.

The labs are furnished and equipped in accordance with European standards, and the students learn and research using the 2020 edition of the European Pharmacopoeia and the international databases which are freely accessible with an e-nformation account.

The students of the Faculty of Pharmacy have the opportunity to carry out didactic activities regarding the Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnologies at the pharmaceutical company Magistra C&C and can witness a full technological process, beginning with the formulation of a drug and ending with its packaging.

The contracts and collaboration agreements with the Constanţa College of Pharmacists, Constanţa University Hospitals, Research Centers, and Doctoral Schools ensure the European training of future pharmacists.

The students and the staff benefit from ERASMUS PLUS incoming and outgoing mobilities in universities from Italy, Macedonia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, Latvia, France, and Switzerland, with which the University established partnership agreements.